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Sell HDPE & LDPE Pipes & Fittings of highest quality raw material in accordance with Industrial Standard & Specification.

Optiroad provides the highest quality HDPE piping products and services.
We also stock a variety of pipe fittings and accessories.

HDPE Pipes have been used for piping system in various industries primarily because of its excellent resistance to coercsive chemicals, its inherent toughness and ease of installation. HDPE pipe is definitely not a substitute for conventional pipes but it is actually superior type product for many applications. The superiority of HDPE pipes are especially proven in the following properties:

- Economical than traditional pipe material.
- Resistance to chemicals-exceptional resistance to all external and internal corrodants.
- Resistance to electrolytic corrosion.
- Will not rush or rot.
- Welded joints speed installation. Trench widths can be reduced which leads to saving in the cost of excavation and back filling.
- Light Weight - One sixth of the weight of steel. Low specific gravity giving an outstanding light weight product for easy transportation, handling, fitting etc.
- Very good thermal insulation due to low thermal conductivity.
- Smooth bore provides less head loss. Flow resistance is approximately 30% less than that of conventional pipes, permitting the use of a smaller bore pipe for a given rate of flow.
- Perfect stability fo material obviates the risk of ageing.
- Total neutrality of products conveyed.
- Flame resistance classifying the materials as self extinguishing, according to test standard employed.
- Low maintenance cost and easy to install.

Pipes have a high flexural impact strength which enable them to withstand momentary, higher pressure (caused by water hammer, etc.. ) than their rated capacity. The flexibilty of the pipes also enables them to be laid without levelling trenches since they can.

The pipe grade HDPE used includes ultraviolet absorbers, antitoxins and additives to prevent the degradation of the pipe due to weather.

Encrustration is virtually nil in Jyoti pipes resulting in tremendous energy savings, since pumping cost remains the same throughout the operating span.

Their paraffin structure gives them a high degree of resestance to chmical attack; consequently they are insoluble in practically all chemicals at room temperatures, making them the ideal choice for chemical industries.

Pipes of smaller diameters can be coiled by the kilometer while larger diameter pipes can be cut into lengths of the most economic transportable size, to be butt welded together at the installation site.

Pipes have a smooth outer and inner surface.

The results obtained in foreign countries from many different testhave shown that HDPE pipes may be included in the category of abrasion-resistant materials.






  1) pel waterworks (pn 10) 
   - size : single layer (16 ~ 600mm) / double layer (16 ~ 600mm)

  2) pel pressure pipe (pn 8)
  - size : single layer (65 ~ 400mm) / double layer (65 ~ 400mm)

  3) pel pressure pipe (pn 7)
  - size : single layer (65 ~ 400mm) / double layer (65 ~ 400mm)

  4) pel general works pipe (pn 4 ~ 8)
  - size : single layer (16 ~ 600mm) / double layer (16 ~ 600mm)

  5) pel drain pipe
  - size : single layer (65 ~ 600mm) / double layer (65 ~ 600mm)

  6) pel electrical conduit
  - size : 14 ~ 100mm



2. LDPE pipe
  - size : 13 ~ 32mm

3. ISO Standard pipe (pn 2.5 ~ pn 16)
  - size : 10 ~ 400 mm 



4. Pipe Fittings

  1) Compression Type

  2) Socket Fusion Type

  3) Butt Fusion Type



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