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Submarine Cable

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  • South Korea South Korea
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ITECO has a research and development team with rich experience, focusing on the equipment design and
system integration in submarine power supply and communication area, we could provide highly reliable and
cost-effective products, project management and project implementation into one whole, including entire
end-to-end solutions such as desktop research, network and routing planning, submarine investigation and
admission acquisition, submarine cable production, corollary equipment manufacturing, submarine cable
laying and admission acquisition, submarine operating and maintenance, reducing customer’s investment
and project risk to the greatest extent. Now, we have complete optical fiber submarine cable production line
including optical preform, optical fiber, stainless steel tube with optical fiber inside, argonarc welding of copper
pipe and steel wire armouring; the products contain two series of repeaterless optical fiber submarine cable
and repeated optical fiber submarine cable, and the maximum water-depth of laying is up to 8000m.
We have the only 10000-tonnage wharf special for cable transportation in Korea, we also have domestic largest
volume cable storage system and workshop of constant temperature and humidity special for repeaters assembly.



Type of Submarine Cables

   Power & Optical Composite Submarine Cables
   Extruded XLPE Insulated Cables
   Self-Contained Fluid Filled Paper Insulated Cables
   Mass Impregnated Paper Insulated Cables
   Submarine Umbilical Cables
   Submarine Optical Fiber Cables



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Submarine Cable